Tuesday, February 28, 2006

He thinks he's funny . . . what a nerd

Back in October we adopted a hurricane dog that was rescued from New Orleans. Cayenne has been a great dog! The kids adore her.

Golden slumbers. . .

We don't they always get along so well . . .

Dustin. . . happy to be home

McCartney ornery as ever

Harrison gives me some attitude

Fun with dress-up

Our kids love to play dress up. We have all kinds of fun things to wear. They love to be silly, this day was no exception.

Daddy's Birthday

For Robert's Birthday this year, we celebrated at Joe's Crab Shack. We like it there 'cause our kids can be loud and run around and no one notices. Yeah! Harrison decided to play around in the "table hole" as he called it.


The kids had their first visit to Build-a-Bear Workshop in early February. I finally borke down. I thought they might still be too young, but they thought it was great! I have a feeling they'll be getting many more!