Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 4 - The Zoo and the Mall

Oh mercy! We ate at California Tortilla on our last day. It was EASILY the BEST mexican food I have ever eaten. . . We need one of these!

Our last day in Washington DC was spent mostly at the Zoo.
An amazing place! (and once again free)

McCartney was throwing one of her patented fits and she ran from me while we were heading toward the lions and tigers. We rounded the corner and we found this little clearing with these Chimpanzee sculptures. The kids loved "monkeying" around with them . . .


My buddy!

Who you talkin' to? Me or the monkey?

After the Zoo we went back downtown to the Mall and visited the Vietnam Wall. It was another long walk after the long walk at the Zoo. But man, aren't they cute holding hands?

The Wall was amazing and moving . . . .

Mommy and McCartney visit the World War 2 Memorial again. Daddy and Dustin ran back to the Zoo to get the car. They had to travel the entire length of the Mall, travel 2 different subway lines and walk about 5 blocks back to the Zoo. We had all planned to go back and get the car, but McCartney was throwing fits because we had walked A LOT that day and her little legs were TIRED. They ran back to get the car partially so we could rest, and partially because we would've never made it before the Zoo closed, locking our car inside the gates. Not good. So the littles and I took a leisurely stroll back down the Mall and the boys came to pick us up. They made much better time than we ever would have.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your daughter's haircut brings back memories for me of my younger days.

Fun. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 12:45:00 AM  

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